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NYPC has a “holistic” approach to youth placement by ensuring a safe nurturing community based environment while treating the underlined behavioral challenges of the youth.  NYPC embraces the notion of rehabilitation of youth offenders verses hold and release detention.

We offer cognitive behavioral restructuring to the juvenile defender.  NYPC ensures that a complete Bio-Psychosocial and treatment plan is completed on every youth placed in our residential treatment program, with a host of services to aid the juvenile in achieving behavior modification and rehabilitation. Such services provided while in treatment are:

•    Crisis Intervention & Prevention
•    Intensive Family Therapy
•    Therapeutic Boot Camps
•    Fully Accredited Therapeutic Private School
•    Behavior Modification
•    Individual Therapy
•    Parental Fitness Evaluations
•    Psychiatric Evaluations
•    Psycho-Sexual Evaluations
•    Drug Screening
•    Substance Abuse Assessment & Counseling
•    Alternative Therapeutic Private School Placement